Agricultural Law

Agriculture is Washington’s leading industry and carries with it many unique and specialized laws, rules, and regulations. Our lawyers advise and assist clients on agriculture’s unique issues such as:

⦁ Specialized estate planning for farmers and landowners of farmland.

⦁ Agricultural tax issues and tax planning.

⦁ Building, zoning, and environmental compliance issues.

⦁ Agricultural leases.

⦁ Agricultural contracts for grain, seed, and livestock production.

⦁ Choosing the correct form of organizational entity.

⦁ Mergers and acquisitions of agricultural entities.

⦁ Financing and securities law issues.

⦁ Agricultural cooperatives.

⦁ Hunting leases

Whether you are a beginning farmer needing assistance with your first farm lease or are multinational Agri-Business seeking assistance with regulatory issues, our attorneys are ready to assist and advise.